Land And Building Development

Whether you have a definitive plan or just a concept in your mind for your dream real estate projects, Mt. Lucania Business Corporation can turn your dream into a reality.

We design, develop, and manage homes and buildings for both residential and commercial purposes.

At Mt. Lucania, we understand and recognize the advancement of domestic technology and how the addition of each new home technology proffers an even easier lifestyle. Thus, we strive to install state of the art technologies into your residential or commercial buildings taking your everyday life to the future.

Retail And Events Management

Building a brand or eCommerce business from the ground up isn’t just a walk in the park. A million different aspects need to be considered and a million other things that could ruin it all.

 Here at Mt. Lucania, we find and employ contemporary strategies and automation to develop our own and other eCommerce businesses. We take full control of the retail and events management, from the development of digital technology, automated operation, and import to brand development, marketing, and expert.

IT And New Technologies

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Hospitality & Care Home

Mt. Lucania Business Corporation is one of the most dynamic Hospitality & Care Home management firms in Canada providing services in urban and resort hotel management, travel and tourism business development, and senior care home development and management. 

With over 100 combined years of industry expertise in owning and managing multiple successful brands, we‘ve evolved a keen sense of market needs and a strategic deployment method to help keep businesses ahead of the competition.

Expand Your Presence And Be A Leader Of The World

Lead your business idea to a thriving reality with the help of Mt. Lucania.

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