IT Management and Consulting

IT expertise gaps, growing cyber threats, constricting budgets, ever-changing technologies, and growing demands for newer approaches. Here at Mt. Lucania, we aim to become the difference. We’re offering complete IT Management and Consulting services to help clients solve a myriad of challenges.

With our expert-only team based in the Greater Toronto Area, we’ve got excellent expertise across a number of technologies, from IT services audit and optimization and cloud services to automation and data analytics.

Digital Business. Digital Enterprise. Digital Health

We help businesses go Digital! From designing and building a website from scratch to funneling a lead generation strategy and capturing quality leads, we engage with you to take your Business Online.

IT Services Audit and Optimization

We synergize your IT Infrastructure with your business objectives. You get an exact IT Infrastructure audit report of your current IT environment, hardware, software, and user count to devise a complete strategy that matches your budget and IT services requirements.

Cloud Services and Managed Resources

A successful IT Management is structured upon a secure and powerful data infrastructure. Even before the COVID Pandemic, companies had begun to rely upon the cloud to ensure that large amounts of data were always accessible and protected. Make your way towards a complete digital transformation with Mt. Lucania’s Cloud Services and Managed Resources.

Sourcing the Best Technologies at Effective Costs

Integrating the best tech on your firm can take a heavy toll on the budget. But not having the right tech may impact the business even more. That’s why we source the best technologies at effective costs.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence - Data Analytics

Big business automatically equals to large volumes of data generated every day. A traditional approach to organizing, managing and analyzing data not only delays the process but also doesn’t provide expected results. That’s where automation and AI come into place.

Mt. Lucania develops smarter yet simpler solutions to Data Management and Analysis. We help you to automate repetitive tasks and streamline quicker decision making.

Our Expertise:

  • Automating business processes
  • Data Analytics and Forecasting
  • Reporting and stakeholder engagement including customers and employees.

Web and Software Development

Mt. Lucania houses some of Canada’s best developers and engineers adept at designing and developing web-based and non-web-based applications to tackle specific challenges. From UX and UI design that’s eye-catching and extremely user-friendly to quality assurance and unmatched support, we offer web and software solutions no less than what our clients expect.

Our Expertise:

  • Web and Non-Web-Based Applications
  • Desktop & Mobile Software Applications
  • Cloud Software Development

Expand Your Presence And Be A Leader Of The World

Lead your business idea to a thriving reality with the help of Mt. Lucania.

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